So that’s why Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants the cameras off

It’s easy to see why Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants TV cameras during her briefing on the White House.

There is, for example, the question of his boss constantly proclaiming things of the inexplicable monumental error.

There is also Russia’s metastatic scandal, which continues to render ineffective the previous White House statements said Trump as Ron Ziegler, Richard Nixon’s press secretary, Ron Ziegler.

But above all, it is a simpler explanation: Sanders has the least idea of what is happening in the White House he claims to represent.

And during the photo outside the wheel on Monday stood on the podium, often tear down the left eyebrow and raised the left corner of the mouth to express disgust to the question. Then, every time he opened his mouth and with a strong Arkansas accent, he said a lot of nothing.

Philip Rucker, the post office, was asked about Trump’s other meetings with the Russians, such as the recent discovery in which Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort have sought the goods from Hillary Clinton. “I’m not sure,” he said. “I’ll check and contact you.”

John Gizzi of NewsMax asked if Trump raised the issue of human rights violations in Russia at their meeting. “I’m not sure,” he said. “I’m going to have to ask.”

And so it went. Sanders said he would need to “have other talks” before considering Russia as an ally or an opponent.

The White House bout of briefing is out of the question. The White House Trump has to have less than information meetings and getting them out of the camera is just a symptom.

The real problem is that reporting people do not have a clue; They can not, as Trump said, “standing on the podium with perfect precision.”

Or some semblance of dignity. The humiliations that have ruined Sean Spicer will do the same for Sanders or for those who can play the role. Trump does not seem to tell his people what he does, if he knows.

Jon Karl of ABC News, published a list last month of 26 times. Sanders and Spicer said “they light up again” but they have never done it. It is true that there are many others.

Sanders has done everything possible not to draw attention to himself during Monday’s report, but to no avail. It was not televised, but the reporters were standing in the hallways.

She noted Marc Short, Trump’s legislative director, to issue a distraction statement about “unnecessary obstruction” of Democratic candidates to Trump. But the distraction failed when half a dozen journalists have the opportunity to question and release the fishing effort in the Senate to approve Trumpcare.

Sanders came on the podium and gave his colleague hook. She read a six-minute statement in the “powerful and historic speech” Trump Poland and how she “achieved her goals” in Germany and then told reporters exactly 15 minutes to interrogate him before leaving the room.

She is first called the “Arkansas Companion” Frank Lockwood of the Democrat-Gazette. But it was not a safe haven: he asked about tweets directed Trump Chelsea Clinton. “When will the president put Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton in the mirror?” has asked. “He won the election.”

Sanders tried to argue that the Clinton tweet was justified by an “appalling attack on a senior White House adviser” – the disappointment launched by Ivanka Trump taking his father’s chair during the G-20 summit.

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