prepare for NDA exam

How can I prepare for NDA exam physical as well as Written Exam ?

First, always remember that you have to mark a lot of written marks as physics is the future. In this case, the number of applicants is too high! To this is added the limited number of seats at various defense-related academies in India such as NOA, IMA, NA and AFA, You cut the throat seats accordingly!

To be selected for the training program, a candidate must follow a two-stage selection process. The first phase is the written test and the second phase is an SSB interview (Services Selection Board).

The written exam is MCQ (Multiple Choice Question). Applicants should use the OMR sheet to record their responses. The correct answer to a set of options given to each question should be selected.

It could be said that the exam usually consists of three main parts: Math, English and general knowledge.


It includes topics that have found in standard 12 such as: algebra, trigonometry, probability, permutations and combinations, the analytical question, percentage of losses and gains, reasons and proportions, etc.


This section is designed to test your English language skills. Wait for issues related to erroneous points of reference to synonyms, antonyms, to write articles on topics related to grammar, comprehension, etc.


It covers a variety of topics ranging from science to the present! Some of the topics are: history of India, history of the world and events, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

Method of preparation:

# 1 The resolution of the preliminary issues of previous years will help many

# 2 Buy exam writing guide NDA: guides, customized for NDA applicants are helpful!

# 3 Learn the shortcuts in relation to math: they can be delicate

# 4 Time Management: Try to master direct access methods and save time. Do not waste time resolving a problem about which you have no idea, instead of moving on.

# 5 Negative Check Mark: Each wrong question tempted by the applicant accordingly a 0.25 point deduction in the grand total. Let the questions you are unsure.

# 6 Work on your space management skills: Learn how to perform calculations and work hard in a space as small as possible. Also, do much of the work by mental calculation rather than written work.

TV # 7 and the document may be useful NEWS: Actuality are an integral part of this review. To delete the exam and write it down, this section should be well attended.

# 8 A thorough reading is the way to score in the English section if you are naturally strong in English of your school day, you will not have much problem with the English section of the exam. Reading in English history books, novels, news, documents, etc., will help you improve your language and develop vocabulary at the same time.

# 9 History of India: It can be boring for some to prepare a history section. But at least do not skip the part associated with the history of our country! Many questions were asked, which are related to the history of India. Omitting this section will prove to be a costly mistake!

If necessary, you can also follow courses and training programs. They will ensure that your learning process is complete and fast.

Finally, the practice is perfect. The more you practice, the better your speed and time management skills will be, good luck!

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