Pakistan jets fly near Siachen, 'Indian air space not violated'

Pakistan jets fly near Siachen, ‘Indian air space not violated’

NEW DELHI: Pakistani fighter jets flew near the Siachen glacier Wednesday, according to Pakistani media reports, but Indian Air Force sources said there was no violation of India’s airspace.
The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) bout fired near the Siachen glacier this morning, said Pakistan-based Samaa TV.
Sources cited, the report indicates that all PAF bases of operation were fully operational.
Mirage PAF aeroplanes are part of exercises from implementation forward.
The chief of staff Pelagic Pakistan Chief Air Marshal Sohail Aman visited the Skardu airbase earlier today and flew a Mirage aircraft, according to the report.
According to PAF Aman brought together pilots and technical personnel from the combat force. A fighter squad out high and higher flights and more.
The Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield on earth. It is located in the Karakoram range in the east of the Himalayan mountains, where the control line ends between India and Pakistan.
In New Delhi, IAF sources indicated that there was no violation of India’s airspace. The report of Pakistan aircraft flying near Siachen came a day after the Indian Army announced that it had launched “punitive fire attacks” on Pakistani positions through the control line earlier this month, to do hurt. The army said Tuesday that it directs small-arms fire attacks, guided anti-tank missiles, heavy mortars, rocket launchers and “infantry tanks” are carried out to “proactively dominate” La Line control and “destroy the scene of the Aid to the infiltration of terrorists “in the context of the global strategy against terrorism.

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