Mumbai: Two men arrested with 200 star tortoises

Mumbai: Two men arrested with 200 star tortoises

Mumbai: Two men arrested with 200 star tortoises

The reversal of intelligence not only helped on Monday a pair of father and son of Karnataka, but also rescued 200 star turtles.

The duo had filled the turtles in a shoulder bag and took them to Mumbai, with the intention of selling the illegal pet trade.

According to Mr. Maranko, regional deputy director of the Office of Wildlife Crime Control (WCCB), Western Regional Office, close monitoring was carried out on the network of men who sell star turtles and other turtles have A great demand in the market.

On Monday, they acted when they had specific information about two people.

“Our team with Thane Forest’s anti-poaching unit has arrived at Kalyan Station and immediately saw Vijay (27) and Sagiram (40) in the parking lot, who captured them.

After a search, we found two bags full of starry turtles in the shoulder bag, “he said, adding that the two men were arrested and were produced before the court of first class judicial magistrates, Kalyan. Had custody for three days.

Maranko reported that the two men were from the town of Balegowdanahalle Karnataka.

“Previously, we left some men of the village and during interrogation, we had information that several men of the village go to the forest and collect stars and turtles, once the number is important, packed and sent to various cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and other places. ”

Starry turtles are a protected species under the Privacy Act 1972 and wildlife are one of the most popular and most popular turtles sold in Mumbai pet illegal markets because people consider lucky and stalking good fortune, According to the myths and principles of Feng Shui.

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