Farmers in Mumbai? Yes, says Maha govt, sanctions Rs 390 crore loan waiver

Farmers in Mumbai? Yes, says Maha govt, sanctions Rs 390 crore loan waiver

Farmers in Mumbai? Yes, says Maha govt, sanctions Rs 390 crore loan waiver

Incredibly, 813 farmers, including some tribal farmers in the Mumbai asphalt jungle were chosen for exemption from agricultural credit by the Maharashtra government will ease the burden of debt of some farmers 36.10 lakh across the state.

The opportunity for these quantum urban farmers is around Rs 390 crore, or just over one percent of the loan exemption package at Rs 34 crore.

The figures seem to have even the state administration by surprise. Minister Devendra Fadnavis confessed that he was surprised by the information.

“But we will verify all criteria, then only farmers benefit from the Mumbai Loan Exemption System,” he said.

State Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant circumvented the figures, saying it is well known that there is no agricultural land in Mumbai. “We want to know what farmers who were given an agricultural loan and later abandoned,” he said.

SS Sandhu, additional lead secretary, cooperation and marketing, said the ministry closely examine what farmers Mumbai before granting them benefits for loan waiver.

“The proposed list of 36 lakh farmers to suspend loans on crops up to Rs 1.5 lakh is provided by the State Bankers Committee (SLBC) .The list also shows some 813 farmers in the suburban districts of Mumbai and Mumbai, “Said M. Sandhu.

“This is the preliminary list of possible beneficiaries as compiled by the SLBC. SLBC has compiled the list based on the information provided by the banks in question.

However, it has not yet been verified by the government, “he added.

Another government official said that according to data provided by banks, these loans were granted mainly by commercial banks.

“These mainly consist of long-term loans for food and agro-industry, floriculture, fisheries, dairy activities, etc. Some of these also include loans granted by local banks to people with their agricultural activities or other outside activities Of the city “This official said, subject to anonymity.

Long-term loans are usually short term, or five and a half years, or seven.

“The government will verify that the benefit will be extended to farmers and those who meet the criteria,” he added.

At least one minister accuses BJP confusion directly to the door of the CM. “The statement of Chief Minister Fadnavis created confusion Tuesday.

CM should not be in a hurry to publish the list of beneficiaries of the districts in tweeter … He should receive adequate memory of the department officials in question (and) then share only the information with the media, “he said The minister, also asked not to be identified.

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