Questions Raised Over Unearthed ‘Amelia Earhart’ Photo

Last week, television history revealed an alleged photograph showing aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared on a Marshall Islands pier after she disappeared, which helped to clarify one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

On Tuesday, however, a Japanese blogger wrote that the photo was taken two years before it disappears and it is not.

Now, the story said it is investigating to examine the claims of the blogger.

“We will be transparent in our results,” the story said in a statement Tuesday after the blog’s launch. “Historical accuracy is the most important thing for us and our viewers.”

The channel aired a two-hour show, “Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence,” on Sunday, with what it said was a blind and poorly labeled photograph in the US National Archive suggesting Earhart had survived his attempt to Theft worldwide in 1937.

Photo was intended to show a woman who looks like Earhart and a man who seems to be his navigator, Fred Noonan, on a pier in the Marshall Islands.

However, the Japanese blogger said on Tuesday that the same image appeared in a Japanese travel book about the Pacific Islands in 1935 – two years before Earhart and Noonan disappeared in July 1937. The National Library’s website Japan also lists the 1935 publication of its website.

The publication says that the original title of the photo said in Japanese that it was taken in the town of Jabor in Jaluit, which is located in the Marshall Islands.

The Post said the photo shows a Japanese steamboat which was then used in the search for the couple, but it arrived there in 1935.

According to a translation of NBC News, the title in the photo says Jabor in Japanese as an exceptionally good port that is very dynamic when the large ships that transport goods from the continent arrive.

“So let’s continue to investigate this,” said Shawn Henry the history researcher on NBC News. “Precision is obviously important. We want to follow the facts that lead, and certainly do.”

Theories have been proposed that Earhart and Noonan landed and were captured by the Japanese army, eventually dying in captivity.

Some residents said they saw Earhart’s land plane and both were captured and taken away.

Gary Tarpinian, executive producer of the special story, said investigators believe that Earhart was taken by the Japanese in Saipan, where he died.

The Japanese Government has always maintained that it had no documents suggesting that Earhart was still in his custody.

Despite the controversy, Henry said, “I think the evidence we’ve gathered so far in all said Noonan and Earhart landed in the Marshall Islands. I think that’s true.

Earhart was last heard on July 2, 1937. Earhart was officially declared dead in 1939 after the United States government came to the conclusion that it crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Their remains have never been found.

Earhart was trying to become the first woman pilot to circumnavigate the balloon when he disappeared.

Rules not to follow while selecting the Best Wireless Router

Rules not to follow while selecting the Best Wireless Router

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