Staples Center crowd gets treated to jabs — and a couple of haymakers — by Mayweather, McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Conor McGregor let go, dropping all his jokes and creative mischief on the Staples Center stage during the first leg of his international press tour.

It was not, after all, a battle for sale. But on the other hand, Mayweather was building his own time.

Boxing Champion 49-0 folded his arms, stood in front of the stone and heard Tuesday that McGregor of Ireland, the only support of the belt simultaneously two divisions of the UFC, and shook signs of approaching.

Then, in a scene that observers await, this will reflect the August 26 boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Mayweather unleashed a protracted McGregor admonition for daring to make his boxing pro debut against a man who was Retired two years No. 1 sports-book boxer pound.

“He has to realize that I was here before,” Mayweather told reporters after the raucous appearance before more than 11,000 fans.

“I did it for years.He is willing to kill me now.I gave him some of his own medicine.I let myself talk, and then I went.And he did not like it.

McGregor expressed frustration at his press meeting, accusing pay-per-view broadcaster Mayweather, Showtime, of shooting his microphone while Mayweather spoke while denying McGregor before his music.

“They can try to do all the little tricks of all that they want,” McGregor said after predicting on the stage that he would have eliminated Mayweather in five rounds. “On August 26, the man is unconscious, he is too small, he is too fragile.”

While McGregor spoke with the media, Mayweather’s father and trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. came into the room to mock McGregor’s boxing skills and challenge him to a Wednesday fight while drawing the attention of the bedroom with his own Shadow boxing session.

“It was a little surprising to see Floyd [Jr.] act like he did. He grew up as he got older and did not see him in the process of participating in the kind of waste he did when he was younger,” said Stephen Espinoza, Executive vice president of Showtime.

“At the same time, he is always a competitor and can not really sit down as a competitor and leave About Conor remain unanswered. So he dug deeply and eliminated.”

Mayweather, 40, or returning from a nearly two-year retirement, opened his stage time by cheering on his followers, known as the Money Team, shouting, “All the work is”

“Easy work!” They answered. He then asked everyone to “emphasize the easy job” as he head towards a seated McGregor.

For pride walking on stage, Mayweather said: “You align these [fighters] and blow me like bowling balls, and August 26 I’m going to hit [man].”

At one point, Mayweather has produced what he said was a $ 100 million check from his Manny Pacquiao win in 2015.

“Show the tax man!” McGregor responded: Mayweather punishment because boxing champion lawyers recently asked the IRS to delay paying a tax bill in 2015 until the end of the fight.

Undetermined, Mayweather has denied McGregor fired UFC to pursue this purse in boxing.

Mayweather-McGregor: look at the fighters face the press conference
“I’m an old man, I’m not the same boxer who was there 20 years ago … 10 years ago … five years … but I know he can beat you,” Mayweather said.

“You go out in your face, or you come out on your back.” What way to go? All you can do is introduce yourself, and I will do the rest. “

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

Joe Scarborough, conservative co-host MSNBC political show “Morning Joe” left the Republican Party.

He made the announcement Tuesday night during a broadcast on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” alongside co-president Mika Brzezinski.

A two-minute segment clip was swept into the Twitter account earlier in Tuesday’s show.

Scarborough started what he considered a complacent Republican party that did not want to oppose President Trump.

“One has to wonder, what is the Republican Party willing to do?” Scarborough said Colbert.

“How far are they willing to go? What part of this country and our values are willing to sell?” “Are not you a Republican?” Colbert wondered.

“I’m a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican,” Scarborough told loudly applauding the audience. “I have to be independent.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski were attacked by President Trump and his administration in recent months for criticizing his driving skills and driving to the White House.

The two, who announced their engagement this spring, used to see Trump as a close friend, but he walked away from the president during his campaign.
They became even more critical after the inauguration in January. [“In a brutal and disgusting place”: cable TV breaks to Trump Tweets Mika Brzezinski]

Tension has increased in recent weeks when Brzezinski questioned Trump’s mental competence in a segment on his show.

The President responded in a series of serious tweets, calling the co-chairs Psycho Joe ‘and’ under-I. ‘P. Mika crazy. ”

Trump also said that Brzezinski “poorly washed bleeding face” when he saw and Scarborough during a brief visit to Mar-a-Lago last year.

[President Trump anger angry of Joe’s morning hosts on Twitter]

In a comment, guests have written and posted in The Washington Post, called the president’s allegations false and offensive and said that “they have noticed a change in their behavior in recent years.”

“Maybe that’s why we were shocked by the president’s personal attack,” they wrote.

“The Donald Trump who knew before the campaign was a bad character, but still seemed able to keep his worst instincts under control.”

In the segment of “Late Show” Scarborough and Brzezinski discussed their complicated relationship with the president and his intense aversion to “Morning Joe.”

Colbert asked the duo of the particular change they had seen in triumph since he announced his candidacy because, in “The Late Show,” the words, the business tycoon has always been a “main tool.”

“I knew it was a tool,” Brzezinski said, explaining that they believed Trump knew and controlled the game he was playing. Now Scarborough said, he is above the head.

Scarborough said the modern Republican Party was not “a party that Ronald Reagan could partner with” and that he does not want to want it.

He told Colbert that he still believes in the fundamental values of conservatism – lower taxes, a small government – but the silence of the party in Trump racism is unacceptable.

The alleged collusion with Russia is about much more than Trump’s family

Washington is burning after the revelations of bombs on contacts between President Trump’s eldest son and characters with ties to the Kremlin.

Three consecutive days of The New York Times exposed this week at a June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer claiming to have Hillary Clinton’s filth.

It seemed that Trump Jr. was informed by email from Rob Goldstone, a trusted broker, a Russian contact had documents that “incriminate Hillary and her relations with Russia and would be very helpful to her father.

Evidently, it is a very high and sensitive information, but part of Russia and the support of his government to M. Trump.

For this Trump Jr. responded with a serious interest: “If that’s what you say, I especially love late in the summer.”

Trump Jr. and officials linked to the White House insist that nothing comes of this meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who acted on behalf of a rich client – Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, Father Aras Agalarov is a true Kremlin Of Moscow connected to the developer of real estate that helped to sponsor the contest of miss Universe the Trump in 2013.

Trump Jr. insisted on Tuesday that he was conducting “political opposition research” and Veselnitskaya was not an official of the Russian government. He tweeted a complete transcript of the controversial e-mail exchange for the sake of “transparency”.

However, the e-mail itself said the meeting focused on attempts by the Russian government to help its father’s electoral victory. And veterans of political campaigns on both sides stressed the common practice not to meet again with foreign enemy characters to obtain useful information on the political level of a national rival.

Meanwhile, Adam Goldman, one of the New York Times reporters detailed the June 2016 meeting, scoffed at the Trump Jr ..

“Nonsense,” Goldman said in Washington Post columnist Erik Wemple. “Everyone knows why these emails are public. If we had not followed this story … so we have not posted the emails.”

Now, as Special Adviser Robert Mueller III continues his research on the Trump campaign’s links to Moscow, the specter of “connivance” with the so-called Kremlin is clearer.

Trump Jr.’s decision to meet Russian contacts wrote my colleagues, “and the presence of the son-Jared Kushner Trump and Trump campaign assistant Paul Manafort constitute further evidence that the Trump campaign was willing to consider accepting the aid From a Russian source who stops Clinton. ”

For others, the new revelations provide conclusive evidence. “These emails show that if the campaign was tried to agree with a hostile foreign power to subvert American democracy is not,” said the senator.

Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “It’s up to the elected officials of both parties to stand up and do their duty, to protect and defend the Constitution.”

As noted by journalist Casey Michel this year, it is only the first time that the Kremlin’s powers have made proposals to the United States’ political campaigns. In 1960, KGB Washington agent was instructed to “provide diplomatic and propaganda initiatives” to help “ease” John F. Kennedy’s victory, but his efforts were rejected by the Kennedy campaign.

Kellyanne Conway went on CNN. Then she wouldn’t get off.

President Trump CNN called “fake news,” and White House press secretary Sean Spicer rarely gets questions from reporters on the network, but chairperson Kellyanne Conway’s advisor could not get enough of CNN’s Monday.

For 35 minutes Conway replaced anchor Chris Cuomo, mainly in the coverage of the press.

A standard TV show lasted five to ten minutes, and Cuomo tried several times to finish the interview, saying that the producers told him through a headset that the White House wanted to finish.

But Conway continued, and CNN spent a business break after another so he could interact with Cuomo.

“Your people say they have to leave too,” Cuomo said in Conway to score 28 minutes.

“So make sure the White House press office does not yell at me …. I have people screaming in my ear that you have to go.”

The whole episode makes for riveting television, largely due to interpersonal dynamics.

Cuomo told viewers after the interview, he finally came to the conclusion that he and Conway had known for many years, and it showed.

While everyone has warmed up at times, it did not become bad; Their mutual respect was evident.

Conway’s main argument, which referred to the previous one, is that the media spend too much time on events related to Russia and there is not enough time for other stories that they consider to be the most important.

[Kellyanne Conway keeps her distance from the toughest Trump press attacks]

Here is a brief but representative of coming and going:

CONWAY: You mean Russia. I am referring to the opioid crisis in this country.

CUOMO: We talked about this show. I received a documentary in the fall.

Then it happened. Conway criticizes the media; Cuomo reject the premise.

Coverage priorities are somewhat subjective, of course, and it is unlikely that the White House and the press agree that – under one Trump administration or another.

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What set the Trump White House apart was the intensity of its anti-media rhetoric.

As I pointed out when comparing Jim Acosta CNN Sam Donaldson not long ago, previous administrations have restricted access to the press in various ways, but also tried to show respect for basic integrity journalists.

Trump, on the other hand, referred to CNN and other major media, such as the “enemy of the American people.”

Conway broke with the president in this regard. In addition to ignoring the White House call to break the air Monday, she also publicly refused to adopt Trump’s language.

“As someone who does not say” fake news “and” people’s enemy “or” opposition party “my complaint is incomplete coverage,” she said on Fox News Radio last week.

Unlikely to appear, Conway seems to be trying to find common ground between the White House and the media.

So that’s why Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants the cameras off

It’s easy to see why Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants TV cameras during her briefing on the White House.

There is, for example, the question of his boss constantly proclaiming things of the inexplicable monumental error.

There is also Russia’s metastatic scandal, which continues to render ineffective the previous White House statements said Trump as Ron Ziegler, Richard Nixon’s press secretary, Ron Ziegler.

But above all, it is a simpler explanation: Sanders has the least idea of what is happening in the White House he claims to represent.

And during the photo outside the wheel on Monday stood on the podium, often tear down the left eyebrow and raised the left corner of the mouth to express disgust to the question. Then, every time he opened his mouth and with a strong Arkansas accent, he said a lot of nothing.

Philip Rucker, the post office, was asked about Trump’s other meetings with the Russians, such as the recent discovery in which Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort have sought the goods from Hillary Clinton. “I’m not sure,” he said. “I’ll check and contact you.”

John Gizzi of NewsMax asked if Trump raised the issue of human rights violations in Russia at their meeting. “I’m not sure,” he said. “I’m going to have to ask.”

And so it went. Sanders said he would need to “have other talks” before considering Russia as an ally or an opponent.

The White House bout of briefing is out of the question. The White House Trump has to have less than information meetings and getting them out of the camera is just a symptom.

The real problem is that reporting people do not have a clue; They can not, as Trump said, “standing on the podium with perfect precision.”

Or some semblance of dignity. The humiliations that have ruined Sean Spicer will do the same for Sanders or for those who can play the role. Trump does not seem to tell his people what he does, if he knows.

Jon Karl of ABC News, published a list last month of 26 times. Sanders and Spicer said “they light up again” but they have never done it. It is true that there are many others.

Sanders has done everything possible not to draw attention to himself during Monday’s report, but to no avail. It was not televised, but the reporters were standing in the hallways.

She noted Marc Short, Trump’s legislative director, to issue a distraction statement about “unnecessary obstruction” of Democratic candidates to Trump. But the distraction failed when half a dozen journalists have the opportunity to question and release the fishing effort in the Senate to approve Trumpcare.

Sanders came on the podium and gave his colleague hook. She read a six-minute statement in the “powerful and historic speech” Trump Poland and how she “achieved her goals” in Germany and then told reporters exactly 15 minutes to interrogate him before leaving the room.

She is first called the “Arkansas Companion” Frank Lockwood of the Democrat-Gazette. But it was not a safe haven: he asked about tweets directed Trump Chelsea Clinton. “When will the president put Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton in the mirror?” has asked. “He won the election.”

Sanders tried to argue that the Clinton tweet was justified by an “appalling attack on a senior White House adviser” – the disappointment launched by Ivanka Trump taking his father’s chair during the G-20 summit.

‘Category 5 hurricane’: White House under siege by Trump Jr.’s Russia revelations

The White House has been thrown into chaos after days of growing revelations about a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a qualified lawyer representing the Russian government while the president ignites his enemies and his elders agree to the suspicion, According to White House officials and outside advisers.

President Trump – who was hidden from view of the public since his return last week an international division summit – was enraged by the fact that Russia’s cloud continues to cling to his presidency and is outraged that his eldest son and homonymous care They did not talk to him this week.

Disclosure Trump Jr. met a Russian lawyer, saying he was going to get incriminating information about Hillary Clinton as part of the Kremlin’s efforts to push his father’s candidacy canceled the administration’s wobble program and shaken the senior management team.

Even Trump Jr. supporters who believe he hit himself no private legal repercussions recognized Tuesday that history is a public relations disaster – for him as well as for the White House.

An outside ally called it a “Category 5 hurricane,” while an outside advisor said that the CNN graphical connections between the Trump team and the Russians viewed it as the plot of Netflix’s fictional “Card House” series.

Even Vice President Pence tried to get away from the controversy, his spokesman noting that the Trump Jr. meeting was held before Pence will join the ticket.

Even Vice President Pence tried to get away from the controversy, his spokesman noting that the Trump Jr. meeting was held before Pence will join the ticket.

Inside the White House, where internal strife often seems to be a fundamental cultural value, three consecutive days of New York Times revelations about Trump Jr. inspired a new set of accusations and recriminations, to speculate with private consultants who , Within Trump’s orbit can delve damaging information about the president’s son.

This portrait of Trump’s White House siege relies on interviews on Tuesday with more than a dozen west wing officers, outside consultants, friends and associates of the president and his family, many of whom spoke in the clutches of anonymity .

The composition of the inner Trump circle is the subject of internal debate as always. Ivanka Trump, daughter of the President and Senior Counselor; Jared Kushner, her husband and another counselor; And First Lady Melania Trump prayed privately with the president to shake his team – notably replacing Reince Priebus as White House staff chief, according to two senior White House officials and a close ally of the White House.
The three family members are particularly concerned about the steady flow of unauthorized leaks to journalists who attacked the administration for almost six months since President Trump was based, sensitive information on the national security of the embarrassing details of the operation Internal of the White House, authorities said Ont.

Stephanie Grisham, director of communications for the first woman, said: “Of course, the first woman is worried about the leaks of her husband’s administration, just like all Americans should be.

Pakistan jets fly near Siachen, 'Indian air space not violated'

Pakistan jets fly near Siachen, ‘Indian air space not violated’

NEW DELHI: Pakistani fighter jets flew near the Siachen glacier Wednesday, according to Pakistani media reports, but Indian Air Force sources said there was no violation of India’s airspace.
The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) bout fired near the Siachen glacier this morning, said Pakistan-based Samaa TV.
Sources cited, the report indicates that all PAF bases of operation were fully operational.
Mirage PAF aeroplanes are part of exercises from implementation forward.
The chief of staff Pelagic Pakistan Chief Air Marshal Sohail Aman visited the Skardu airbase earlier today and flew a Mirage aircraft, according to the report.
According to PAF Aman brought together pilots and technical personnel from the combat force. A fighter squad out high and higher flights and more.
The Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield on earth. It is located in the Karakoram range in the east of the Himalayan mountains, where the control line ends between India and Pakistan.
In New Delhi, IAF sources indicated that there was no violation of India’s airspace. The report of Pakistan aircraft flying near Siachen came a day after the Indian Army announced that it had launched “punitive fire attacks” on Pakistani positions through the control line earlier this month, to do hurt. The army said Tuesday that it directs small-arms fire attacks, guided anti-tank missiles, heavy mortars, rocket launchers and “infantry tanks” are carried out to “proactively dominate” La Line control and “destroy the scene of the Aid to the infiltration of terrorists “in the context of the global strategy against terrorism.

Silddm Manipal Institute of Technology

The first view of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) is more than enough to inspire anyone to be a part of this beautiful, resort-like campus nestling on the banks of River Teesta in the verdant hills of East Sikkim. The institute is a constituent college of Sikkim Manipal University located in Tadong, Gangtok. Established in 1997, SMIT is part of the renowned Manipal Group that has made its mark in the field of education and health sendees in India and abroad. SMIT enjoys approval by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and University Grants Commission (UGC). It is also accredited by NBA. In addition, it also holds ISO 9001 accreditation vide NS- EN ISO 9001:2000. SMIT is ranked at 5 th Rank in All India Top Engineering Colleges of Eminence as per CSR- GHRDC Rankings, July 2015 and also received CSR Top Institution of India Award – 2015 and CSR Excellence in Education Award — 2015.

The infrastructure

SMIT is one of India’s premier technology and management institutes. Set up at Majhitar, the campus is spread across 35 beautifully landscaped acres. The campus is home to 3,200 students, 220 faculty and industry experts and a large and efficient team of support staff. The institute is reputed for its state-of- the-art infrastructure, well-stocked library, and advanced technology laboratories. All these facilities and amenities have made SMIT one of the best and most-sought-after engineering and management institutes in the nation.

The academics

The academic standard of SMIT is on a par with the best institutes in the ebuntry. A highly qualified and dedicated faculty ensures that the students are provided with a holistic education that makes them job-ready, industry-ready and most importantly, life-ready. Apart from academics, the students are provided with ample opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities so that their latent talents are nourished and allowed to flourish. Each department holds its annual fest and the much-awaited annual fest of the institute, KAALRAV is held in February. These activities also help them to cultivate a spirit of healthy competitiveness.

The research                               ^

Research is the life blood of a sound academic institute. SMIT takes pride in

Col. (Dr). Sadasivan Thekkey

Veetil, Director [1] [2]

  • Tech. in Nano Technology
  • D. in all streams

The ambience

The ambience of the college gives the students a feeling of a home away from home. Being a residential college, it attracts students not only from Sikkim, but also from all over the country’. The Institute provides full residential facilities to the students. There are separate well- equipped and furnished hostels for boys and girls. The hostels provide excellent accommodation to nearly 3,000 students. All rooms have attached bathrooms. To cater to the students’ nutrition needs, the institute provides canteens and food courts apart from a professionally run mess.

The health care

the fact that it has emerged as a research- friendly institute. A number of scholars have been awarded Ph.D. and many more scholars from within and outside the institute are registered for doctorate. A number of sponsored projects have also been assigned to SMIT. The faculty members are also selected to do research on about 17 sponsored projects approved and financed by DST, DBT,DRDO and AICTE. As a result, apart from books, a number of papers by’ the members of the faculty are also published in peer reviewed, high index journals of international repute. The students are also guided and encouraged to participate in research activities.

The courses

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology offers a range of courses in Engineering, Basic Sciences and Management Studies. The courses offered are as follows:

[2] B.Tech. in Civil Engineering,

Computer Science Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Information               Technology,

Mechanical Engineering, Computer and Communication Engineering.

8 M.Tech. in all branches of engineering given above

  • BBA, MBA with specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Systems
  • BCA, MCA
  • Sc. in Applied Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Greater Noida Institute Of Technology Greater Noida


Internet facility is available for Library Users

Online Resources:

  1. IEEE – ASPP : 145 E-Journals and back files since 2000
  2. ASME — ASPP : 25 E-Journals and back files since 2000
  3. ASCE — ASPP : 33 E-Journals and back files since 1983
  4. McGraw-Hill : Access Engineering Library
  5. ASTM Digital Library : 1,700 E- Books and 13,000 Journals Articles
  6. Elsevier (Science Direct) : 275 E- Journals and back files since 2000
  7. Wiley (CSE) : 30 E-Journals and back files since 2,000
  8. J-Gate (Engineering) : 4,700 Indexed Free Full Text 1,700


There are more than 35 spacious computer labs equipped with about 1,250 computer sets with the latest configurations and the state-of-the-art software. All the computer systems are connected by LAN and 24 hours’ Internet connectivity is provided for the benefit of students as well as faculty members. The windows, UNIX and LINUX software packages such as Drawing and Drafting package (AUTOCAD), Multimedia, Animation and various editing packages are made available to create simulated environments to suit not only the curriculum very well, but also to go beyond it.


“Excellent Contribution in Promoting Engineering Education in North India” Award Presented by Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe—Chariman All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

“Best Engineering & Management Institute in Delhi-NCR”
“B-School Leadership Award”. “Sustainability Award—Placement & Career Building”.

Education is all about improving the value system that students hold and put them to use. Once, everyone has understood his/her values in life, he/she can examine and control the various choices he/she makes in his/her life. The choices and informed decisions, if are based on Universal values, result into peace, harmony and happiness over the Earth.

Thus, education is always essential to shape one’s life and to give one an opportunity of proving one’s worth on the global stage through learning, unlearning, gaining insights, experiential learning and learning how to. live in harmonious co-existence with other fellow human beings and nature.

When the students understand the whole picture with clarity, they can identify the roles they can play the best, the prosperity is ensured of that society and hence nation and her people. With dedication, sincerity and compassion the potential is utilised for long-term value creation and the distant dreams start coming closer, within reach. And, we strongly believe that each one of us has the potential to create something worthwhile for self and the generations to come. Nurturing these dreams of a society, where the next generation is being shaped to bring about structural changes and reshape the face of the new and peaceful world. This is where entrepreneurial education comes into picture as it is a specialised vocational edification that lends one the arms and means to follow one’s true calling. Instilling one with the motivation and providing one with the tools and skills to adapt to and cope with the swiftly changing dynamics of die business arena,
entrepreneurial education inculcates into one the grit, courage, and perseverance to never give up on what one sets out to achieve.

How Accurate contributes to creating professionals to take on the challenges of the modem world:

A three-dimensional think tank at Accurate Group of institutions, headed by Ms. Poonam Sharma, is committed towards identifying the strength and potential of each student at Accurate and give the right input to hone up skills to manifest latent powers into real value creation in his/her respective fields, be it corporate environment or entrepreneurial endeavors.

At Accurate Institute of Management and Technology’, a series of specially oriented programmes, innovative curriculum and regular workshops as well guest visits from the industry, play an instrumental role in removing the rough edges from the personality of students. Innumerable opportunities in the form of seminars, presentations and debates help students being good orators for effective inter-personal communication skills. We prepare our students to assume a role they can play the best in line with their strengths and skills. It is because of the outcome of our mentor-pupil relationship concept, every student is given the personal attention to do better so that he/she can deliver more than expected. By helping students unlock their potential, we essentially lend a hand in building a foundation for them for the years to come.

Few of our students’ entrepreneurial venture,, which consumers can visit to order groceries, and household articles online, without

Ms. Poonam Sharma, Group Director Accurate Institute, Greater Noida


even having to leave the comfort of their homes ingenious conceptualisation and perfect execution saw the venture taking off to a great success despite having conceived with virtually no financial arrangement to fund the endeavour. It was the planned management anc acquired skills and passion of these students that saw the venture through and it is now a successfully running porta with the services being availed of by scores of patrons across the expanse o: the city. Having launched the project at the end of 2013 and buoyed by the preliminary success of their venture, these young entrepreneurs have been inspired to further expand their reach and are putting in considerable efforts to ensure superlative service and a wide range of offerings to their consumers to ascertajn a continued stream of business.

It is examples like these that underline the importance of entrepreneurial education that unlocks the hidden potential, inspiring and aspiring to reach the pinnacle of success one always looked towards as a summit.

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