Asus ZenFone Live (ZB501KL) review: Live and let live

Asus ZenFone Live (ZB501KL) review: Live and let live

For a company like Asus, which has launched a Zenfone laser and Zenfone autofocus Zenfone Zoom, the Zenfone live is not a surprise. Asus has always had great talent for tricks and Zenfone live is also a very effective smartphone. It is, in fact, the world’s phone, and probably the only one, equipped with a real-time beautification feature for live streaming.

“Zenfone Live is the world’s first smartphone with optimized hardware real-time embellishment technology” that works in conjunction with the BeautyLive phone application to ensure a “perfect look when you go live,” according to Asus. In essence, the phone can allow live streaming a more beautiful version of itself on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Well, why not?

Design and quality of construction
Zenfone is alive and well when it comes to design. It is very industrial and very generic, live Zenfone. But nothing luxurious about it. Nothing too bland and boring either. It’s somewhere in the middle. Asus said, the phone comes with a metallic finish. It feels very plastic in the hands though. Up front, the Zenfone comes with a 2.5D curved crystal, but Asus does not mention whether there is a kind of protective layer.

Some time passed Asus has overcome the bad mood of previous ZenFones. The live Zenfone, too, is very thin and very light, almost nonexistent in the hands. Weighs only 120 grams and measures only 8 mm. The elegant dimensions really help the cause. The live Zenfone was designed to record videos – live videos to be precise – and many of them, and they should be light on their hands. It is very light on the hands.

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