In Ocean City, Hooters, thongs and horror over topless women on the beach

Ocean City – On a sunny day on the boardwalk, with salt in her skin and sea breeze hitting the US flag behind her, Cynthia Heath did not want her perfect vacation on the beach ruined by the topless.

“Not here, Ocean City is not that kind of place, this is a family place. Of course not,” said Heath, 55, leaving the restaurant where she only had lunch with her husband, her granddaughter 9 Years and a friend of his granddaughter.

Welcome to America, land of mixed messages and double standard. Breasts, in particular, continue to confuse us.

Breasts have been national news because the summer for the United States, Ocean City, was confused about whether women can show.

Because this family-friendly place with banners “without desecration” along the walk also people selling Bongzilla off their boardwalk shops; T-shirts with jokes, sexual jokes and jokes on every corner; Hotels with swimming pools for giant outdoor children and clouds of marijuana smoke inside; Guys rented Pabst suitcases everywhere.

Also: perreo, tango and galore.Ocean City foam dancing do not want that, and you can understand why. June is the month usually when municipal authorities face the biggest week, for fear of times when minors and sexual assault on the news.

But this year, a debate over toplessness was its new flavor indigestion. It started a legal challenge presented by a beachgoing activist who argued that if men can show their breasts and their nipples to the beach, women should be able to do it, too.

Maryland law is not entirely clear with respect to the question of whether women are expressly prohibited from exposing their breasts in public. Therefore, the rescuers said beach patrol did not confront women with bare heads or invite them to hide while the problem was solved.

“Ocean City is the tits on the air!” He reached his fist screaming, shouting voices of young boys across the North Atlantic. “Ocean City Can not Be Tits Outdoors!” Shouted families going there.

Suddenly, in the midst of the agony and ecstasy of imagining women outdoors beside the boardwalk rides and fries Boardwalk of Thrasher, City Hall Ocean convened an emergency meeting on Saturday to pass a public nudity ban.

The order makes the public nudity municipal punishment punished with a fine of $ 1000 and once again demandable by the local beach patrol. The city of grass will never be like Cannes or Crete. A lifeguard said that everyone still remembers the three European women who was dominated by 11th Street for some time.

But the question is interesting, the opportunity to talk about freedom, family values and government intervention. So what do people on the beach were all about? There is no better place to start than at a beer party without beer in the sand.

When I asked for the steaming, there was silence, for the seven young men froze in place, eyes wide. Then a heartbeat later, they began to sing, with their fists in the air: “Remove that remove!”

“Can they all be far away?” Asked an 18-year-old boy who had come to Ocean City with a group of friends in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.