The alleged collusion with Russia is about much more than Trump’s family

Washington is burning after the revelations of bombs on contacts between President Trump’s eldest son and characters with ties to the Kremlin.

Three consecutive days of The New York Times exposed this week at a June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer claiming to have Hillary Clinton’s filth.

It seemed that Trump Jr. was informed by email from Rob Goldstone, a trusted broker, a Russian contact had documents that “incriminate Hillary and her relations with Russia and would be very helpful to her father.

Evidently, it is a very high and sensitive information, but part of Russia and the support of his government to M. Trump.

For this Trump Jr. responded with a serious interest: “If that’s what you say, I especially love late in the summer.”

Trump Jr. and officials linked to the White House insist that nothing comes of this meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who acted on behalf of a rich client – Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, Father Aras Agalarov is a true Kremlin Of Moscow connected to the developer of real estate that helped to sponsor the contest of miss Universe the Trump in 2013.

Trump Jr. insisted on Tuesday that he was conducting “political opposition research” and Veselnitskaya was not an official of the Russian government. He tweeted a complete transcript of the controversial e-mail exchange for the sake of “transparency”.

However, the e-mail itself said the meeting focused on attempts by the Russian government to help its father’s electoral victory. And veterans of political campaigns on both sides stressed the common practice not to meet again with foreign enemy characters to obtain useful information on the political level of a national rival.

Meanwhile, Adam Goldman, one of the New York Times reporters detailed the June 2016 meeting, scoffed at the Trump Jr ..

“Nonsense,” Goldman said in Washington Post columnist Erik Wemple. “Everyone knows why these emails are public. If we had not followed this story … so we have not posted the emails.”

Now, as Special Adviser Robert Mueller III continues his research on the Trump campaign’s links to Moscow, the specter of “connivance” with the so-called Kremlin is clearer.

Trump Jr.’s decision to meet Russian contacts wrote my colleagues, “and the presence of the son-Jared Kushner Trump and Trump campaign assistant Paul Manafort constitute further evidence that the Trump campaign was willing to consider accepting the aid From a Russian source who stops Clinton. ”

For others, the new revelations provide conclusive evidence. “These emails show that if the campaign was tried to agree with a hostile foreign power to subvert American democracy is not,” said the senator.

Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “It’s up to the elected officials of both parties to stand up and do their duty, to protect and defend the Constitution.”

As noted by journalist Casey Michel this year, it is only the first time that the Kremlin’s powers have made proposals to the United States’ political campaigns. In 1960, KGB Washington agent was instructed to “provide diplomatic and propaganda initiatives” to help “ease” John F. Kennedy’s victory, but his efforts were rejected by the Kennedy campaign.