Kellyanne Conway went on CNN. Then she wouldn’t get off.

President Trump CNN called “fake news,” and White House press secretary Sean Spicer rarely gets questions from reporters on the network, but chairperson Kellyanne Conway’s advisor could not get enough of CNN’s Monday.

For 35 minutes Conway replaced anchor Chris Cuomo, mainly in the coverage of the press.

A standard TV show lasted five to ten minutes, and Cuomo tried several times to finish the interview, saying that the producers told him through a headset that the White House wanted to finish.

But Conway continued, and CNN spent a business break after another so he could interact with Cuomo.

“Your people say they have to leave too,” Cuomo said in Conway to score 28 minutes.

“So make sure the White House press office does not yell at me …. I have people screaming in my ear that you have to go.”

The whole episode makes for riveting television, largely due to interpersonal dynamics.

Cuomo told viewers after the interview, he finally came to the conclusion that he and Conway had known for many years, and it showed.

While everyone has warmed up at times, it did not become bad; Their mutual respect was evident.

Conway’s main argument, which referred to the previous one, is that the media spend too much time on events related to Russia and there is not enough time for other stories that they consider to be the most important.

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Here is a brief but representative of coming and going:

CONWAY: You mean Russia. I am referring to the opioid crisis in this country.

CUOMO: We talked about this show. I received a documentary in the fall.

Then it happened. Conway criticizes the media; Cuomo reject the premise.

Coverage priorities are somewhat subjective, of course, and it is unlikely that the White House and the press agree that – under one Trump administration or another.

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What set the Trump White House apart was the intensity of its anti-media rhetoric.

As I pointed out when comparing Jim Acosta CNN Sam Donaldson not long ago, previous administrations have restricted access to the press in various ways, but also tried to show respect for basic integrity journalists.

Trump, on the other hand, referred to CNN and other major media, such as the “enemy of the American people.”

Conway broke with the president in this regard. In addition to ignoring the White House call to break the air Monday, she also publicly refused to adopt Trump’s language.

“As someone who does not say” fake news “and” people’s enemy “or” opposition party “my complaint is incomplete coverage,” she said on Fox News Radio last week.

Unlikely to appear, Conway seems to be trying to find common ground between the White House and the media.